Vegetable “Salad”

Although the image of this looks interesting, it tastes amazing and is incredibly easy to make.

1 zucchini (green or yellow)

1 ear of sweet corn

10 red cherry tomatoes (quartered)

1 clove garlic

1 Tsp white onion

2 Tbsp organic mayo

1 Tbsp siracha 

Sautee the onion and garlic (both minced) in a small amount of olive oil. Once the onions are turning translucent place the tomatoes in the pan and let them cook through a bit. Once they look cooked add the zucchini which should be quartered in 1/4 inch cuts. Turn down the heat and let it cook slowly. Add the corn (which should be cooked through already). Don’t forget to move everything in the pan around. 

Mix the Mayo and Siracha in a small dish, add as much or little siracha as you want. I like things spicy so I added a lot. Also, add a bit of pepper for some taste. Whisk it all around until smooth. 

Turn the heat on the vegetables off and mix in your sauce. 

Eat and Enjoy. 




Today I went to Bachmans and was only planning on going in to get a few things. But that never happens. I walked around the whole store and ended up buying:

2 Heirloom Tomato plants

2 Brussel Sprout Plants

2 Green Bean Plants

2 Lemon Basil Plants

2 Pepper Plants (Yellow and Red)

2 Beet Plants

4 Types of Lettuce

2 Carrot Plants

2 Zucchini (Yellow and Green) Plants 

2 Rainbow Chard Plants

and 1 new house plant. 


Pat is going to build me a raised planter and then everything can start to grow! I’m so excited to have fresh vegetables. I’ve always wanted to have it but never had the space. I may not have that great of a green thumb but I have kept a few herbs alive and a few plants I had in my old place so perhaps I’m getting better at it…..Only time will tell. 

ImagePhotograph by: Nicole Michele