Updating the Buffet Part 2

Because Pat and I both work weird hours it has taken a bit longer then expected to finish this but so far it looks amazing. The only parts left to do is install the shelves in between the cabinets and put up the kick board. 

We decided to pain the cabinets two shades darker then the walls. All of our walls are painted Behr Irish Mist. So the cabinets are a color called Dolphin Fin. It’s a light grey color that actually works out pretty well. The buffet top is a maple butcher block that we oiled down per the manufacture instructions. 


This is after the cabinets had 3 coats on them. It really covered the wood grain (which we wanted) and it had a nice color to it that way. 


The cabinets are installed and the buffet top was cut so that it had a small hangover. There was about a 5inch slab of butcher block that was cut off. 



This was after the cabinets were installed and the butcher block was put on. It looks awesome. So happy with how everything is turning out now. 


More to come later. 



Updating the Buffet

We have been doing a lot of updates on the house lately and we have decided to do the buffet. We went to a wholesale warehouse where you can buy raw cabinets/granite/butcher blocks and so on.

Looking at the old buffet (which I didn’t take a photo of before we started tearing it down) it was old and not done really well. There was too many drawers and shelves where things were just being put in and never being accounted for. Instead we designed a new layout that would work with our new updates and look much cleaner. Buying two double cabinets for the ends and installing shelves and a wine rack in the middle would keep plenty of things off of the top. While adding floating shelves above for small display. The counter is going to be a butcher block where we can put out food for when we have people over.

Here are the beginning photos…

This was after we removed the top portion and was trying to remove the bottom portion (a lot harder then we thought).


After removing this bottom portion we realized that the wall behind was really damaged. There was also a lot of really stupid mistakes that the previous owners had done. There were exposed wires, a lot of holes and a TON of dust. Also, they had tried to insert new outlets but the wires were dead and never put in properly.


The wall was pretty damaged so Pat (the boyfriend) tore out that whole discolored piece of wall and will replace it. This project turned into something that was going to be really simple to a little bit more complicated.


I will be updating the blog with progress on all of this. Hopefully we can finish it in a week. HOPEFULLY!