About Me

My name is Nicole Michelle Friedman. I’ve lived in Minnesota most of my life and have generally enjoyed it. The harsh cold winters and the sweltering summers are nothing to complain about because the Spring and the Fall are always beautiful here. Although I was born in California and do miss the beaches and sun, this is where I feel I belong. At least for now.

I went to school at first for English, thinking that I wanted to be an English teacher but that dream became very unrealistic. Leaving Indiana University for a community college in Minnesota was the best choice for me to figure everything out. I soon fell in love with photography again. I applied to The Art Institutes International Minnesota where I went there for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and graduated December 2012.

Other then my education I have many other passions. I have two wonderfully crazy dogs, Ink who is an American Staffordshire Terrier and a rescue and Rosie who is a “Brat” Terrier (Boston Terrier and Rat Terrier mix) who we got from a breeder. Also, adding to the family is my little Roborovski (Robo) Hamster, Murphy AKA Satan (long story on how he got that name but he had a brother who is no longer with us). I have a loving boyfriend whom I live with and am very much in love with. I’m also a home-cook, DIYer and trying to get back into working out.

This blog will have several different components but in the end it is just meant for me to jot down all the different things I enjoy in life.

Thanks for reading!



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