Just a small rant….

So I buy handmade items a lot. Enough to know the reasonable time line that items should take for them to be made, shipped and received. I bought a pair of handcrafted sunglasses back in August when the store had a sale going on. I was really excited about this because I’d wanted a pair of their glasses for so long and they finally had a sale where I could justify paying for them. 

Their website stated that all orders would be shipped within 21 -28 days of the order and an additional 2-5 days for delivery. That’s fine, I totally understand that. However, I ordered my glasses on August 30th of 2013. Now it is almost 2014 and I still have yet to receive my glasses. I had to email the owners 4 times before getting a proper response. She said they would be shipped on that Friday. She had emailed me on November 29. I then didn’t receive a shipping confirmation until December 11. 

However, when I check the USPS website for the tracking it shows that no package has even left the facility. I’m incredibly disappointed in this whole system. I’ve always been so understanding in terms of shipping and the obstacles that come with it but this is too much. What if I was ordering a gift for someone. I’ve been waiting almost 5 whole months for these. 

Sorry for this rant but I feel as though I had to write it all down. I will not disclose the name of the company because I don’t feel like that’s important here but I feel like it is important to properly inform your customers of delays. Being busy is great for a small business but please let your customers know an appropriate time line. 


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