Lemon Pork

Last night I made lemon pork with zucchini “fries” and creamy cauliflower.

The pork was a thin sliced pork rounds which I marinaded in olive oil, garlic, red onions and lemons.
I then cooked it on the stove with the marinade to keep it from drying out.

The zucchini I cut up on the mandolin. I also used the mandolin for the red onion which I paired in it. I mixed together olive oil and black pepper. I baked this all in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350.

The cauliflower was chopped up and mixed in a bowl with garlic, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. This was also baked for about 20 minutes at 350.




Looking good

Now that I am going to the gym consistently I’ve begun to realize that there are a few types of people who go to the gym. 

1. The Body Builders – This person goes almost every day, wears a cut off shirt and is extremely loud when working out. 

2. The Older Women Crowd – They usually have half work out clothes on and half street clothes on. They aren’t sure how to properly lift so they use minimum weight and minimum effort.

3. The Lookers – This group mainly applies to women who go and have full hair and make-up done. They don’t do much that will make them sweat too much and usually spend their time on the treadmill. 

4. The Loosers – These people are the ones that go to work out and improve their general well being. They wear appropriate clothing and don’t care what they look like. 


This is very much my own opinion of what I see and observe. 


Lately I have been kind of busy with work and also interviewing for a new (or additional) job. I had one really good interview the other day, which I am excited about and do hope that I get. It would be a great opportunity and could amount to more. Plus I know a good amount about the company and enjoy what they put out.

In unrelated news I have still been working out about 3-5 times a week and eating as healthy as I can. Also, drinking water like I am a fish.

That’s about all for now though. I promise to post more though.

This is what I look like when I interview.