Working Out

Today I went to the gym, like I do most days, and I met with my trainer. He measured me and weighed me to see how I am doing. I have lost almost 11 inches from all over my body and lost almost 12 pounds. I’ve been working out for about 5 months but really upped the anty two months ago. I have been eating pretty well, cutting out drinking more and more and drinking a TON of water. 

Basically the work out regime I have been doing is cardio for about 45 minutes one day a week, weight training one to two days a week, yoga on Wednesday (I like the instructor that day) and one day with my trainer. 

If I can, I go another day as well, but that’s what I have been doing. Also, I try to eat out once a week (if any) and cook my own meals. If I do go out I choose healthier options to eat. So this is what I’m doing now. Also, trying to get a decent amount of sleep tends to be helping. 



Today I went to Bachmans and was only planning on going in to get a few things. But that never happens. I walked around the whole store and ended up buying:

2 Heirloom Tomato plants

2 Brussel Sprout Plants

2 Green Bean Plants

2 Lemon Basil Plants

2 Pepper Plants (Yellow and Red)

2 Beet Plants

4 Types of Lettuce

2 Carrot Plants

2 Zucchini (Yellow and Green) Plants 

2 Rainbow Chard Plants

and 1 new house plant. 


Pat is going to build me a raised planter and then everything can start to grow! I’m so excited to have fresh vegetables. I’ve always wanted to have it but never had the space. I may not have that great of a green thumb but I have kept a few herbs alive and a few plants I had in my old place so perhaps I’m getting better at it…..Only time will tell. 

ImagePhotograph by: Nicole Michele 


Healthy Living

I have been trying so hard to eat right, drink a lot of water, and work out on a regular basis. So far I’ve been pretty good about making my own food, drinking at least 4-6 bottles of my 24oz water bottle a day and working out at least 3 times a week. 

I have been juicing a little bit still. I had some today, 1 pear, 2 apples, 4 carrots and a squeeze of lemon. It was very good and refreshing. Especially after an hour yoga session today. I found a new instructor and I think I will do yoga in her class every Wednesday. I’ve also been going back to my trainer, although I did switch trainers I’m a lot more focused and happier with the new one. 

Otherwise I can’t really think of what else is new. I’m trying to get the house in order and organized but that’s hard sometimes. I’m highly organized and Pat isn’t. So hopefully I rub off on him….Eventually.

That’s all for now.